Incoming Daemons!

3 08 2010

It seems like GW has finally answered my prayers.

Now available for Advance Order a whole wreck of new Chaos Daemons models some of which like The Changeling look awesome.

Probably the best thing from this new release is the long awaited Plastic Daemon Prince Model. This model looks pretty intense and by the look of the sprues will finally come with wings in the box set so for everyone too lazy to actually convert the wings Games Workshop thought of you.

You can find all the photos of the Plastic Daemon Prince here.

And the Rest of the new models available for Advance order at




1 08 2010

I myself apologize for being so inactive in the past months. If you have been visiting our Site recently I thank you for being patient I too have over come a World of Warcraft Addiction as of late. I am going to try to get together a vlog on myself painting my Landraider and try to make more videos once Imperius Shows me how to do more of this posting stuff he is really the more technologically inclined one of us. Again Thank you and please continue to visit our site for more news, Battle Reports, and Tutorials on your favorite Wargames.

I’m Back!

22 04 2010

Whew, I got over my World of Warcraft addiction and am going to be back with a vengeance. Battle reports galore incoming!

I know its been several months, but now Im working on an Imperial Guard army, removing paint from many models and painting it my way.

It has been good to be writing again and many more posts are coming.

New Codex Hate

16 12 2009

Image by Gamesworkshop.Over the course of my first year in the hobby I have noticed that people seem to hate new rules that Gamesworkshop comes out with. This peculiar problem is more prominent in the online environment and there not so much in a real store, but it is strange. I think that a lot of the problem stems from false rumours posted on forums and websites claiming ridiculous things and we all react differently to it. For my own purposes I’ve classified people into three general groups on this topic:


These people seem to hate the new Codex or Armybook for no reason than it is strange and they don’t know how they should react to it. Quite often this is referred to as the ‘metagame’ where each army fills a role in the bigger picture of the game and has to be countered with your own army.

I would generalize people like this as afraid of the unknown. Rather than incapable to adapt, they are simply trying to change but do not have anything to work with and it could seem a bit daunting. For example, I went into a Gamesworkshop store one day to read the Imperial Guard codex that was not yet released. The employee abruptly rips the book out of a kids hands claiming that he had been reading it for hours and hands it to me. I’m reading through and he starts discussing how incredibly powerful the new army will be. If memory recalls he was complaining about the X9 Leman Russ and Rough Riders. After having a quick read through those two specific units in the book I calmly state that I am looking forward to the balancing of my army and he is thoroughly confused by it. It is difficult to explain to this first category what something really is and there is really nothing we can do but bolster our forum post count by stating argument and counter-argument until one of the parties realizes they are wrong.


In this group we see people who want to see their book have good content, good illustrations and hobby areas, but mostly of all; rules that they will love. A lot of this rules lawyer rage was unleashed by the release of the Space Wolf codex recently with its ridiculous fluff and strange illustrations. While the new Tyranid codex has been inspiring people to play the army for reasons other than to have a strong army. Things like the Trygon have planted fear into the hearts of the people who have difficulty adapting, and joy into the ones who like the hobby. Of course these people will not like a codex if it is way too outlandish for them but a good read will make their day.

A good example of this that I saw on Warseer was this:

Funny ones for me how they included two space wolf scouts in the hobby section of the new codex, both with illegal wargear; one has a power weapon and bolt pistol (in the army list, its “Replace bolt pistol with:” and another with a Storm Bolter, which is just plain not an option.


On the last group, I think of them as victims when I think back and realize that I was amongst them. These people read what is shoved under their noses, and if even close to plausible they will accept it. It is widely known that the general public hear the loudest voice, and the loudest voice by far come from people who complain about each and every codex. When their message is repeated often enough it sinks in to the recipients head and ‘infects’ them with the haters thought process. Essentially increasing their power of opinion on the forum with each person added to their campaign. I have seen this thing happening on almost every forum about Warhammer to date. Bell of Lost Souls is quite a culprit in the situation because they are one of the main sources for 40k news and rumours and because they are portrayed as reliable by themselves and most every other person. A single incorrect or ridiculous rumour on there, sparks a small core of new codex hates. These people will probably post much more than the people who support the idea and as such their thoughts will permeate through the internet quicker than what the other people might believe.

As to my own opinion, I don’t put much store into rumours until I see the results in my own hands.

New Tyranids!!!!

8 12 2009

Hey guys, the long awaited Codex: Tyranids has come out. With it we get lots of brand new models and a very nice ruleset. Let the new Hiveminds of the wargamers loose!

Click Here to be directed to Games Workshops Advance Order Section.

Remember to bookmark or favourite for more fascinating 40k, Fantasy news. Remember to check out our other exciting features on the website and happy wargaming!


Battle Report #2

7 12 2009

This one will be all about Black Templars versus Chaos Space Marines.

1,500 points.

Seize Ground.

Dawn of War.

New Addition To Imperius Wargaming: Stripping Paint

3 12 2009

I’m sure most of us has ended up, at one point or another, with horrible models that dearly need to be stripped. If you are anything like me, it was scary to look for a product to do it with. If you didn’t buy the right thing, your solid gold (teehee, lets see who gets the joke) models will be ruined. I found a paint remover that is so gentle with your models, that it wont even burn your skin if you touch it. The product I use is a Acetone based nail-polish remover. It might sound a bit silly to use nail-polish remover, but it works brilliantly if you are willing to put some time scrubbing the paint off.

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