Incoming Daemons!

3 08 2010

It seems like GW has finally answered my prayers.

Now available for Advance Order a whole wreck of new Chaos Daemons models some of which like The Changeling look awesome.

Probably the best thing from this new release is the long awaited Plastic Daemon Prince Model. This model looks pretty intense and by the look of the sprues will finally come with wings in the box set so for everyone too lazy to actually convert the wings Games Workshop thought of you.

You can find all the photos of the Plastic Daemon Prince here.

And the Rest of the new models available for Advance order at




1 08 2010

I myself apologize for being so inactive in the past months. If you have been visiting our Site recently I thank you for being patient I too have over come a World of Warcraft Addiction as of late. I am going to try to get together a vlog on myself painting my Landraider and try to make more videos once Imperius Shows me how to do more of this posting stuff he is really the more technologically inclined one of us. Again Thank you and please continue to visit our site for more news, Battle Reports, and Tutorials on your favorite Wargames.

I’m Back!

22 04 2010

Whew, I got over my World of Warcraft addiction and am going to be back with a vengeance. Battle reports galore incoming!

I know its been several months, but now Im working on an Imperial Guard army, removing paint from many models and painting it my way.

It has been good to be writing again and many more posts are coming.

New Tyranids!!!!

8 12 2009

Hey guys, the long awaited Codex: Tyranids has come out. With it we get lots of brand new models and a very nice ruleset. Let the new Hiveminds of the wargamers loose!

Click Here to be directed to Games Workshops Advance Order Section.

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New Addition To Imperius Wargaming: Stripping Paint

3 12 2009

I’m sure most of us has ended up, at one point or another, with horrible models that dearly need to be stripped. If you are anything like me, it was scary to look for a product to do it with. If you didn’t buy the right thing, your solid gold (teehee, lets see who gets the joke) models will be ruined. I found a paint remover that is so gentle with your models, that it wont even burn your skin if you touch it. The product I use is a Acetone based nail-polish remover. It might sound a bit silly to use nail-polish remover, but it works brilliantly if you are willing to put some time scrubbing the paint off.

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From The Warp Collaborative Post ‘Epic Fail’

2 12 2009

My contribution to the FTW Collaborative Posts:

The worst mistake I ever made on a model was using too much paint. It was the captain model from the Assault on Black Reach, I primed it black, as most people do, and I painted it in a decent Ultramarines colours. I was un-satisfied with the gold and silver staps along his chest, so I redid them…Four times. Then I had enough of the Ultramarine colours, primed it black again. Ditched the ‘black marine’ project, and primed it white and put it into White Scars colours.

If you thought it was over…you are wrong. I also tried to purity seal it after all those coats of paint (some veterans may know where this is going) and lo and behold, it frosted on me.

Ouch…Valued at 79ยข normally, I think this one in particular would go for just a few cents.

I think that the worst part of this image is that I wasn’t moving the camera while I took the picture to make it blurry. It actually is like that!

Collaborative Posts

Poll System and Email Subscriptions In Place!

11 11 2009

A new and exciting option has been implemented into this website. A poll system! So far I am working on making a good layout for the polls, if anyone wants to help me out and find some great images it will be really helpful.

Heres a prototype of what the polls will look like:

Also new to the website (but hardly as exciting) is the email subscription, now you can always be up to date on the newest happenings in Imperius Wargaming.