Printable Terrain

The purpose of this log is to distribute free printable terrain items for use on terrain boards or on models.
Items like boxes, posters and anything you can use as props.
I’ll start with some of  Tommygun‘s stuff, but if you have made anything yourself, feel free to send me a message and I’ll post it.
If you have found something on the web, it would probably be best not to post it, unless you have obtain the original creators permission.

Most of these items are best printed on thick 110Lb (199 gsm) paper, but the cigarettes cartons are better made with thinner normal paper.
It is also a good idea to add a little weight to each object if possible.
I put a penny or two in each larger box and lead 00 buck shot in the smaller boxes.
This keeps them from rolling around on the table too much.

[Click on the image for the template, then print out the template, cut the template out and fold along the lines.]

Inquisition Flyers


Because buildings are bigger and require more templates to create, they will be shown as PDF files.

Basic Panels

Roof and Pain Panel

Stairs and Bottom Building Stiffener

With thanks to Tommygun.

35 responses

25 11 2009

Could not find a suitable section so I written here, how to become a moderator for your forum, that need for this?

27 11 2009
Marek Slabicki

To become a moderator, first register your account in our forums. Refer me to another person (be it friend, mom, grandma…) and just like that I can make you a low-ranking moderator.

Ofcourse, once the forum finally starts rolling I will be much more strict with who I allow to join.

3 12 2009

Did you design this printable terrain, Marek

3 12 2009
Marek Slabicki

I did not do it all completely.

15 03 2010

Very cool; These should be interesting to print out on construction paper and put together! ^_^

20 06 2010

Sjould be very useful for my killteam board!

23 08 2010
FREE Printable modern terrain from Imperious Wargaming « Your Lord and Master’s Blog

[…] Printable modern terrain from Imperious Wargaming has a beautiful collection of FREE pritnable 28-30mm gaming terrain, perfect for All Things Zombie, […]

28 10 2010

Absolutely stunning stuff! Many thanks for posting this.

24 05 2011
Links: General & Personal Wargaming | The Warbard

[…] Imerius Wargaming’s Printable Terrain pagehas a good selection of printable terrain, nominally science fiction but a lot of the buildings would work just fine in pulp or 20th C. historical stuff. […]

18 01 2012

Hi there was an app in the market called TforGG and it was free… but recently they upgraded it to 3.0 version and removed that free version ;-(
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or do you know website with old android applications? I cant pay for new 3.0 version, beacuse my card is declined all time, probably beacuse of the country i live in.
btw. sorry for my english. here you are the link: [b][/b] (their korean website works only from korean IP`s ;-/ so there is no support).
I was looking at few starcraft forums for, but no results… even for other races, there is still no free app.

21 02 2012

Thankyou so much!

25 05 2012

Are all of these to scale with warhammer 40,000

27 05 2012

What make are those models and were can you get them and what army or whatever are they

2 06 2012

Could you do something more urban for 2000AD models and maybe something for Lotr because this was great keep it up

7 02 2013

“Printable Terrain Imperius Wargaming” was indeed a perfect post.
If perhaps it had more photographs this might be quite possibly
a lot better. All the best ,Margret

28 11 2013

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24 10 2014
12 04 2015
Battlefield Props For Modern Urban Games | Miniature Wargaming

[…] A great skirmish level wargames table is littered with the paraphernalia of modern life. Here’s a site where you can get free print-and-play models for things like coin-op video games, boxes, pop machines and more. […]

14 02 2016
Jason Strong

Unfortunately, it seems all of these files are no longer available. Is there some way to get them? Thanks! Jason

13 03 2016

This post on warseer has a one drive link to most of the terrain.

25 06 2016
Update Linkliste: Erweiterung um Papierminiaturen | Savage Run

[…] Imperius Wargaming […]

23 09 2016

The links aren’t working. I’m using Firefox. Could that be a problem?

4 10 2016
How To Make Wargames Terrain Pdf Free Download | Information

[…] Printable Terrain | Imperius Wargaming – The purpose of this log is to distribute free printable terrain items for use on terrain boards or on models. Items like boxes, posters and anything you can use as props. […]

21 01 2017

links are not working can anyone fix?

10 05 2017
Tables and Terrain: A 'How To' guide - Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

[…] Imperius Wargaming have a range of free to download PDF files of buildings which you can print out on some decent stock, cut out and assemble. […]

1 09 2018

The links are not working. it’s taking me to a wargaming site that says links are invalid. How can I get the PDFs?

1 09 2018

nevermind i found the onedrive file. look above for those of you looking for it in the comments.

5 10 2018

It would have now been superior, we often understand
too later, to have left too soon.

27 12 2018
Joseph Klingman


They look great, but a number of the links are coming up as invalid… any updates on where I can find templates?


12 02 2019

Hi, how can I get the files? I click and is driving me to a page saying not valid attachment (Vbulletin message). Should I register? Or files are not available?

30 07 2019
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links) - Tangible Day

[…] Imperius Wargaming (Free) […]

9 10 2019

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6 06 2020

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6 06 2020

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4 09 2022

Thank you, looks great!

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